Come enjoy a terrific adventure while Crabbing!!!

As we leave, anglers bait the crab pots and drop them in the ocean. On their way home,they pick up their crab pots and retrieve their crab.  Crabbing trips are 4-5 hours and we provide 2 trips a day.  When Rock Cod and/or Salmon season is open, we also do combo trips.  These are up to 7 hour trips.  After the pots are dropped, anglers enjoy fishing and pick up their crab on the way home! 

Once back at the dock, All Aboard Adventures crew will clean your fish and cook your crab, while you enjoy our big picnic area listening to music and enjoying the atmosphere of the Noyo Harbor!

Additional fees:  To cook crab:  $5 per bag limit.  To clean crab (removing back and guts) $5 per bag limit
Ice is FREE

All Aboard Adventures fishes the waters out of Noyo Harbor, Fort Bragg. 
We fish between 50 to 120 feet deep. Due to the remoteness of this area it is unsurpassed in the quality of fish.

Limits of lings and huge sack of blacks, china cod, blues, coppers and canaries are generally the rule.

We provide 1/2 day (5 hours) or full day trips (7 hours).

Additional Fees:  TACKLE:  $3 for lost shrimp fly/sinker. Ling Cod gear is purchased separately for $10 per set up.  
FISH CLEANING:  $10 per bag 
California Gray Whales migrate South from Alaska to Baja California during the months of December through February and return North during the months of February through April. They are very close to shore and only a 5-15 minute ride gets you a better than 95% chance of sighting
these whales. 

Whale watching with a charter boat is the perfect opportunity to be right next to these gentle giants and fun for people of all ages. The Sea Hawk is Coast Guard Certified for 30 passengers and we take up to 3 trips per day. 

School field trips, and kid's groups welcome.

Noyo Harbor, Fort Bragg, California
(707) 964-1881
Who are we and What trips do we provide?
Whale Watching (December 26 through April 30)
Crabbing  Season: OPENING DAY: November 7, 2020  COMBO TRIPS AVAILABLE!
MAY 2020 OPEN NOTE: Due to COVID crisis - we can only take 50%capacity - prices have changed accordinglyRock Cod Fishing     
NOTE:  Due to COVID crisis - we can only take 50%capacity - prices have changed accordingly
All Aboard Adventures with Captain Tim is conveniently located in the Beautiful Noyo Harbor in Fort Bragg. We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service. Whether you are deep sea fishing, whale watching, or taking a cruise in the Harbor, we will do all that we can to insure that you have a fun adventure on our charter boat, THE SEA HAWK! 

The SEA HAWK is a Coast Guard Certified, 45' Charter Boat with modern electronics to find fish and for navigation. This boat can hold up to 25 fishermen and 30 passengers for Whale Watching, Bay and Sunset Cruises. It has plenty of seating and cabin space.  It has a 16' beam and displaces the water beautifully! 
NOTE! For summer 2019 beginning July 1 2019 - morning trips will be leaving at 6 AM - check-in time at dock is 5:30 AM

Bag limit:  2 per person, 20 inches in length or larger

Additional fees: TACKLE:  $5 per lost sinker
Cleaning free, filet or steaking - $2 per fish

Other trips available:
Only if they move in close enough to shore, and ocean conditions are safe.  Season typically is end of August through September.

Burials at Sea
Cost: $50.00 per person
2 hour trip

Cost:  $120.00 per person
4 to 5 hour trip
includes all tackle
Cooking Crab limit $5
Clean Crab limit $5
Fishing License NOT INCLUDED

Cost:  $120.00 per person
5 hour trip
Tackle: $3.00 per lost shrimp fly/sinker or for $10 for separate Ling Cod set up
Fishing License NOT INCLUDED
Cost:  $120.00 per person 
5 hour trip
Tackle:  $5.00 per each lost sinker
Fishing License NOT INCLUDED

Additional Costs:  

***Note:  We no longer sell one day fishing licenses.  Please be sure to purchase your license prior to arrival.


It is always nice to tip your deckhands if you feel they have done a nice job for you!

Disounts available for Military Personnel, Schools, and non-profit groups 


We accept all major credit cards

All reservations are secured with a credit card. We require a 48 hour notice of cancellation or your card will be charged.  PRIVATE CHARTERS AND ALL DAY CHARTERS A 10 DAY NOTICE OF CANCELLATION IS REQUIRED or your card will be charged.
All reservations are secured with a credit card. We require a 48 hour notice of cancellation or your card will be charged. PRIVATE CHARTERS AND ALL DAY CHARTERS A 10 DAY NOTICE OF CANCELLATION IS REQUIRED or your card will be charged.
up to 7 hour trip
$175 per person plus Rock Cod Tackle (listed above)
Fishing License NOT INCLUDED